Please add clarity to the order status, as in adding definitions.

My pre-order was initially listed as Availability Nov 7, then was changed to Nov 14, then was changed to Nov 10 and order was changed from Pre-Order to In Progress. Now several days later status is unchanged.

May we please have a clearer understanding of what the following terms represent as to what makes the status change from one to the next and what it includes?

I think so much angst from the community could be avoided with clarity in this matter.

Thank you


In Progress

Completely Shipped


  • My CSDD pre-order (Oct 14, USA west coast) progressed exactly the same as yours. Also the CANCEL ORDER button is no longer possible.

    I'm hoping for a shipping confirmation by the end of day. If not we, can join the Nov 28th crowd, at least at the front of the line.

  • My cancel order button is still there and looking prettier every single day. Sometimes i hover my mouse over it for a while dreaming about other brands and how they could already be attached to my rig if i ordered them when i placed my fanatec order in October. Then i wake up all sad like.

  • USA - It's like playing some goofball game trying to figure out what's what. Good observation Jack, as my CANCEL ORDER is now hidden as well. I've made a few posts here, always polite, mostly snarky as of late. But not a single peep from anyone remotely in the know. And like most folks I'm committed to Fanatec despite of it. I think they call that the Stockholm Syndrome.

    Good luck to all in their Fanatec dream/nightmare.

  • edited November 2023

    CAN - I'm in the same boat too. Originally, I ordered my CS DD Oct. 14 - but cancelled it about 20mins later because I wanted to add the QR2 x3 pack as well, and rather than paying for shipping twice, best to get it in one order being in Canada and already getting the shaft after exchange and impending taxes/duty fees. Unfortunately with Fanatec's antiquated ordering system, it's impossible to modify an order after its been placed and the only way was to cancel and place a new order. No big deal right? Wrong! Fanatec processes the order at the time it's placed, rather than when it's available and ready to ship, so my funds were gone. I had to wait a few days for the money to be returned, and when it was, turns out that little cancellation cost me $82! For what exactly?? Shouldn't the same amount that was taken out be put right back??

    That said, Stockholm Syndrome indeed... I placed an order a few days later on Oct. 17 to include the QR2's. Current ORDER STATUS - 'In Progress'. No cancellation button anymore either. No further explanations. I've also inquired with sales regarding the $82 charge - also nothing. So I'm with you. Better clarity on status would be appreciated. My CC DD 'availability date' says Nov.10, the QR2's Oct.30. Given Fanatec's past missteps, I'm not holding my breath for Nov.28th either.

    I've been a customer for a few years now and I'm still scratching my head. How can a company that makes such quality products offer such poor customer service and zero accountability? Did they get too big too fast and forget what got them there?

  • EU-Order placed on October 13 puts me processing shipping, what surprises me most is that in a fanatec forum no one says anything, if they delay shipping again I will cancel my order, that is clear to me

  • Same here, one more delay and ill be going to another brand for sure. Been looking at a rig with no hardware attached for too long now.

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