Podium Button Module Rally also delayed :-/

Received a mail that also the podium rally module is delay. New date is 4th of december :/

Let's hope they can make that date 🤔


  • That's good communication 👍

    I have not received an email regarding the delay? When did you place the order, I placed mine on 31st October.

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    I placed my order on the 7th November (in EU). So maybe small batch will be on time?

    But communication is already a bitt better I received at least some info about the delay. So looks like there is progress.

  • Not sure if this helps. But I have my Rally Module and on the new 452 Driver it does not recognize it 3 out of 4 tries to attach the wheel. From what I've read is the new Driver that was rushed out for the Module has issues. So waiting for the 453 Driver, which should be out in time for the Clubsport Wheel Base release will hopefully fix the issues the current drivers are having.

    So while it sucks. Maybe you're better off waiting for that driver anyways. Personally. I am not going to use it again until the new Driver comes out, as it asks me to manually power down the base after the error i get.

  • So if people received already some of them then that's just bad planning as usual since its the amount that failed if the pre order date was equal to everyone that bought ... This pre order thing is simply the thing I hate the most about Fanatec and they insist on doing it...

  • I ordered 31st and it said it was in stock. But not been processed.

    Not seen an email about delays but i'm already fairly annoyed that it clearly was not in stock... although if the above says it has been shipped to some people then i'm more than annoyed and fuming.

  • So maybe I should share some more details for those of you that ordered when it was in stock.

    I ordered early on the 31st. The next day it showed as pre-order. So I posted here to see if anyone had any insight. No one did.

    The following Saturday i wrote a support ticket to sales as the item had not shipped, and usually does withing 2-3 days of ordering with Fanatec. So I asked them for Clarification. I live in the US btw.

    Nov 7 Fanatec Order Process email was sent as updating for shipment.

    FedEx followed up with tracking a day later.

    Delivery was on Nov 11

    Support never replied to my inquiries.

    I have no clue if writing that ticket is what set off the shipment or not.

    It is a really nice lil piece of sim tech, but I think i need to wait for the next Driver to really test it out properly i think.

    Here's a pic. Don't look at my cable management...

  • Looks like the Sparco wheel is the hold up by 10 days. If you just ordered the PBMR delivery hasn't changed. You can buy a true genuine Sparco 383/383 Champion on line right now.

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    Not really the PBMR is what changed ... i only ordered that and got the email.

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    Now that i think about it... there hasnt been one single new product done by Fanatec and pre ordered by me where they have kept the original date... 1 :) , now i see where my hate for pre orders comes from !! Guess we can say its consistent at least !

  • I ordered the PBMR only, not the Monte Carlo package. Still showing for the 20th in the USA. Of course because I mentioned it, I probably just jinxed it.

  • For me the QR2 shipped without delay and later ordered another QR2 that should have been available 20 Oct when I ordered, but it shipped 7 days early. So they can send things in time sometimes.

    Here also only ordered the PBMR, but it got the delay email it has been moved to 4 December.

  • mine will be a damn paperweight til my CS DD arrives (still using CSW2.5). seriously considering to just cancel my order and go with another brand if this is also delayed.

  • Has anyone had any more feedback on this, is the 4th December still rumoured yo be the actual release date?

    My order placed on 31st October changed to filly shipped on 24th November but nothing since, still no tracking number.

    I am going to guess they will not be shipped until the firmware has been finished.

    Looking forward to getting it.


  • I ordered a week or so later and mine was marked "Completely shipped" on the 28th Nov. But looking at a recent blog post they have a shipping delay of 10+ (work)days. That means when marked as shipped it's was just send to their Warehouse and then it will take still 10+ days for it to actually ship.

    For me that means that if I'm lucky on 12th December it's finally in UPS hands and will be on it's way.

  • I have my tracking number today, so its not forgotten about 👍

    My last 2 items had their first UPS scan about 5 days after that and then delivery about 4 days later.

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