Availability date

Today I ordered my ready 2 race bundle. When I ordered the availability Date was 1 december. When I check the website now the availability Date for the same product is 07 december.

Does this mean that mine also changed to 07 december?


  • i guess bc you change to 07

  • Good question. Which has been raised in multiple topics.

    I have two items on back order in different orders. The dates for both these product are constantly changing, in the order status and on the webshop.

    The DD+ was ordered on 25th of October and is now planned for 19th of December. While the webshop indicates 27th of December.

    The QR2 was ordered on 24th of November, planned for 17th of Jan and out of Stock on the Webshop.

    Not sure how many QR2 units Fanatec has produced, but some alignment with DD and DD+ units would have made a lot of sense.

    Also managing the outflow of product like the triple packs, might have been introduced once stock levels are up.

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