Where is Fanatec's contractual spirit?

在黑色星期五期间,CLUBSPORT STEERING WHIEL FORMULA V2.5X+Podium Advanced Paddle Module+BUTTON CAPS AND STICKER SET,出现了非常便宜的促销价格。但 Fanatec 在没有与客户沟通的情况下单方面取消了订单。这就是你们西方人一直在宣扬的契约精神吗?请履行您所谓的契约精神,不要让我们觉得您只是一家小公司。Fanatec 知道他们将在黑色星期五期间为 QR2 基本男性提供折扣,并且在发布折扣价之前仍在确认订单的发货。这种行为是不是有点小气?


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    If something was clearly an error then in most countries in EU at least, shops are allowed to cancel an order.

    In this case buying a wheel of 199 euro (Which was already almost 45% discount) and then have an extra discount of 225 euro by adding two extra items, can be seen as an clear error and then shop is allowed to cancel. If you don't agree you can always take it to court to get your right to buy. But no guarantee that you will also win of course.

    But also here Fanatec could be much more clear in the communication...

  • I did not realize it was a mistake by them, and I live in The Netherlands.

    So they should send it to me according to the law.

    Black Friday is known for its crazy CRAZY deals, and I pressumed this was part of that.

  • What law are you looking at? I dont live in the netherlands but I dont see many countries (including the EU) that would force a company to sell it at the price they mistakenly had it for. I would love for fanatec to just communicate with us atp though, because theres not even confirmation that it is cancelled

  • Exactly as my last sentence,

    In a case where you can presume that the product is sold for this price, or where you can presume that this could be a legitimate deal, then the company is obliged by law to fullfill the contract.

    Only when something is obviously a mistake (yet you still try to exploit it) then the company is allowed to breach the contract and cancel the order.

    Seeing that it was on the actual day of Black Friday, and that Black Friday is known for its crazy deals, I presumed this to be a crazy Black Friday deal and not as an obvious mistake, therefore they have to complete the order by law.

    Also, I believe this is a EU law and not just in The Netherlands, so they should be providing every EU buyer with said product, if they made the purchase.

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    But if the shop thinks otherwise it's their word against yours. They quite quickly solved the discount which they are required to do when it's a fault.

    You as the customer needs to take (legal) actions to convince them or if they still not deliver take it to court, so that a Judge will decide. With a risk of still no products and high legal cost.

    But seeing the reactions on the internet for when this was found, a lot of people already had the idea it was mispriced.

  • Posted a message, but seems they don't want to approve it XD

    It doesn't cost me anything, the ECC conveys in your behalf and free of charge.

  • That is a forum bug already for a long time... the message will never be approved.

    But if the ECC mediation fails you still need to go to court. Then all costs will be for the losing party. But you can indeed start with the mediation to see if it helps.

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