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i ordered my unit almost two weeks ago and my shipping status still shows completely shipped but no shipping info or tracking number.


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    its a common misunderstanding and to be fair its not clear but fanatec have addressed this with an explanation.

    completely shipped just means the order has been processed and sent to the warehouse for delivery prep. Not that the order has been posted to you.

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    Thank you. I had been gathering this, but you have confirmed it :)

    I have to remember. This happened for a few days with my CSL DD bundle earlier this year. It's the Black Friday sale. I am giving them a bit of slack :D

    A bit..

    (My current load cell pedal is held together by glue. I need that new one. Help me Fana-tec Kenobi, You're my only hope)

    Edit: Wow, I just got an email from Fedex with tracking numbers 20 minutes after writing the Obi-Wan joke. God damn Fanatec. Nice :D

  • Why have YouTube influencers already received and reviewed the new products??

    Bad service!!!

  • Simple answer to that, is they generate sales. Lots of companies do this.

    i don’t like the practice as it’s not that trustworthy, but for some people they want that info before buying, can’t really call it bad service it’s just marketing

  • Wow!

    Let me try that too

    Help me Fana-tec Kenobi with my order #1848501

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    Not being a smartass with this, I'm just curious if luck and coincidence lined up for you. Have you gotten your tracking number yet?

    Edit: Oh, I thought you posted yesterday. It's only been 12 hours since you posted. I cross my fingers for you still. :D

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