BF order posted payment with no order confirmaton

The website had a technical issue when I ordered on black firday and although the payment went through and is now posted on my card I never received an order confirmation email / number. My orders page in my account also shows no recent orders being made.

The order was a preorder for the DD+, pedals and a rim, not exactly a small amount...

Do fanatec employees watch this forum? I haven't been able to get a email response back from them yet.


  • I had the same problem.

    I wrote here and by mail.

    Here, James by Fanatec read my post and he wrote to customer support and they refunded me.

    But I lost my order and after I wrote again but nobody answer.

    The service is the worst in my experience

  • i have the same problem and no refund

    My id of receipt is VHHTWFHJ67WZ8C32

    And my id of transaction is 0M730354WD282703M

    Where do you send the email? i send emails 1 week ago and nothing

  • emails are on a minimum two week delay, thou you should at least receive a confirmation that the email was received. Email the webshop.

  • Same problem for me, I hope James wil escalate it and place the order with the discounts again.

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