After the last update the wheel is not working

After the last update the wheel is not working and the fanatec club is not able to see my wheel base and wheel. , i keep have a flash firmware poop up and nothing happens . what i should do? i re-installed the program and is not working . i have a Mclaren wheel and a csl 5nm kit (with boost). can anyone help me?


  • Hi, I know you said it happened since your last firmware update, but I feel this is a coincidence.

    Whenever this happens to me, that is the base does not pick up my mclaren wheel and I get a pop up to flash the firmware, the root cause is the wheel base loosing the connection to the wheel as the shaft on the base side works its way loose.

    The solution to the above is as following: undo the C clamp on the shaft on your wheel base, push the shaft fully in (you can pull it out and put back in as its just a USB C connection on the end of the shaft), then retighten the C clamp.

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