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In my initial purchase of Fanatec setup I intend to get the Formula V2.5X (I am on Xbox) and one additional wheel for all non-formula games, which currently only is WRC 10. Based on this targeted two wheel approach, which non-formula wheel, i.e. all-round, would you recommend? Additional games would only be of the type Forza Motorsport.



  • Being that you're on xbox, probably your best solution is this:

    Otherwise, you're looking at something that's double the price, like this:

    Or, you could buy just the Xbox Universal hub separately for $350, and then you're free to attach any wheel you want (Fanatec or other brands, as long as the bolt patterns match)... but this is obviously a much more expensive option.

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    Thanks Gregg!

    Thanks, this helps me narrow my choices in the, as we previously discussed in my first thread on the forums, somewhat overwhelming Fanatec universe.

    An overriding question, I fail to see the differences (apart from color scheme and the case centre knob) between the below products; any insight? I notice both are still in production, despite one bearing the v2 mark.

    • ClubSport Steering wheel R330 V2 and the 320?

    I reckon a fully round wheel is optimal for rally whilst the GT version, obviously, is better for GT racing. Ah, the need to compromise if I do not want to own three wheels. ;)

    //EDIT: Got it, rim diameter. //

  • FWIW...I have one wheel (McLaren GT3 v2), and I use it for everything (DR2.0, AC/ACC, F1 etc.)

    With a 360-420 or so rotation setting for rallying, I find it very usable and very enjoyable. That rotation also works perfectly for F1. GT racing generally requires a higher rotation setting, but I never find that I need to take my hands off the wheel to turn it more (unless I've spun or crashed, which I obviously try not to do very often!)

    Bottom line, you don't *need* a different wheel for each style of racing you want to do. Of course, it's entirely up to you, and depends on the level of immersion or authenticity that you're looking for (as well as how fat your wallet is! 😁)

  • Thanks for sharing, much appreciated!

    I will start narrow and test first whether additional wheels are motivated or not. 😊

  • /Update/

    Initial purchase done but holding out on the rally wheel choice.

    I read that the CSL WRC wheel is the official WRC wheel but has also seen the R330 V2 used. I am more inclined to go with the latter for e.g. future flexibility but would like to hear people’s view in wheel diameter (WRC is 300mm and R330 obviously 330mm). My only reference is gripping a Logitech 270mm at the local electronics store; it was IMHO too small whilst picturing +60mm felt oversized. Any takes on e.g. WRC10 with various diameters? Thanks.

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