Am I the only one who feel light vibrations on the still wheel when my DD1 is turned on?


When my DD1 is turned on, I feel light vibrations on the wheel (when not driving, in game menus or under Windows). It's very noticable with Formula/F1 wheels but I also slightly feel them with the Porsche wheel.
They don't come from the motors inside the wheels. The only other moving part which could generate them is the fan, but there is no way a 8cm fan could generate such vibrations at such a low speed.
So my guess is that the fan is imbalanced and generate a lot more vibrations than it should.

Am I the only one to feel those vibrations?



  • The vibrations you feel are the Anti-Cogging Alghorithms from the motor. This is more noticeble with smaller and lighter wheels like the F1 and much less noticeble with heavier and bigger Round wheels.
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    Let me clarify, it's not the vibrations/grainy feeling we can often feel when turning slowly the wheel and which may be the vibrations you're talking about, it's some very fast and constant (no variation) vibrations, more like some tingling, I feel without moving the wheel. They are similar (but a lot less strong) to the vibrations generated by the fan of the CSL Elite when it goes at max speed (which happened only a couple times with a specific mod on rF2).
  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    What you are feeling is normal operation of the base.
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