Fault remedied, Fanatec Rocks.

Since getting the F1 2018 rim I have neglected using the Porsche 918 RSR rim.  However, I recently started using it more and discovered that the Analog Joystick wasn't working.  Initially I thought it might have been to do with beta drivers or maybe usb sockets ( I have made some changes).  None of the above seemd to solve the problem so instead of complaining on the forum I went to Fanatec chat and sent a screen grab of the properties page which indicated the problem i.e. both axis were part operated all the time.   Within a few minutes the person at the other end of the chat told me to send it back and organised an RMA for me.  I tracked the wheel and 24 hrs after Fanatec received it I received an email from UPS telling me I had incoming.  Today I got the wheel back and all is well.  Not only that the wheel has a new serial number.  All companies can have problems, it is how they deal with them that I look for.  I cannot fault Fanatec on how they have dealt with my problem especially as my wheel had just gone out of warranty while I was messing with drivers and usb ports.

Well done Fanatec.


  • Great to hear your positive experience Richard. I'm sure the support team appreciates it ;)
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    I can confirm your positive experience with the fanatec support.

    I just got a problem with the Flag-LEDs on my CS Formula V2 F1 2018 Rim on monday last week. They showed different colors randomly. It was not a firmware issue, so it seemed that they are broken. I emailed the fanatec support with a short video and on wednesday last week i got an RMA. I also tracked the wheel and on monday this week fanatec received it. On wednesday this week i received an email from UPS. Yesterday i got the package and first i was afraid that i would receive the "normal" CS Formula V2 rim as a replacement because the F1 2018 version is sold out since last year, but no, i've got a new unused F1 2018 rim with a new serial number. :-) :-)

    Really happy with that, good job Fanatec!
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    I am assuming the new wheel that they sent me is in fact a reconditioned one.  It makes sense to keep customers happy with speedy returns, to check if the wheel is actually faulty and then send it to the repair dept and send back out one that had been repaired earlier.  The only down side was that I have lost all the stickers, fortunately I took a picture before and as they are only dymo it wont be too much hassle to replace.  Hopefully I will make a better job this time.
  • Glad to hear you had good response. Hoping I can do the same. How did you go about getting support? It seems a recent update to their site and my products are no longer associated with my account. I have no method to contact for warrant or repairs by them outside of $1.99 / minute call.

  • Hi Jason, I have only just seen your comment. My problem occurred before they changed the website. I was searching the FAQ to see if my problem could be solved there and noticed a speak to an adviser bubble. I had seen these bubbles before but had never used one on this site. A friendly person listened to my problem and information I had available and arranged an immediate return. Since they launched the new site I have not seen the adviser bubble on any of the pages I have visited. I hope you have resolved your problem. There is contact information under contacts at the bottom of the pages although I have not had to use it.

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