UHX - button mapping inconsistency

Hey folks!

I just got myself a CSW together with an UHX. Everything seems fine so far, but I realized that the button mapping of the UHX is inconsistent between the top of the assembly and the buttons on the button boxes.
For example top buttons LB and RB seem to correspond to shifter pedals, while LB and RB buttons on the button hubs relate to the top buttons LSB and Y. Several other mappings are also different.
I am having PC driver 328 and wb fw 628 installed.

I suppose this behavior should not be normal, however, I did not find anything regarding this issue here ... is there any way to fix this?

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    If you look at the manual pages 35-39, does the button mapping there correspond to what you're seeing?

    If it still isn't working as expected, maybe the button boxes have been wired incorrectly to the main board.
  • I just double-checked everything:
    The button on the button boxes do match what is written in the manual (XBox column) and also what is displayed in the driver app.
    The buttons on top of the hub (around the display) however, do not all match. I've attached an image that shows which buttons relate to each other wrongly. Buttons B and X on the boxes do not have a counterpart on top of the hub, while the shifter-paddles are matched to LB and RB.
    LT, views, A and the d-pad are correct.
  • I'm seeing something very similar! Were you able to resolve the issue? I just got my set yesterday and it has the latest drivers/firmware.

  • Nope, all still the same ...

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