P1 wheel glitchy LEDs

When i drive, the leds seem to get confused and seem to show the speed im going and another random digit at the same time... this make its appear glitchy and i cant tell what speed im going on the wheel. It also shows a static '0' on the first led section (far left) This only happens on assetto corsa, any fixes?


  • Which wheel base? Do you run any LED software?
  • im using the csw v2.5 and i use fanaleds
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    im using the csw v2.5 and i use fanaleds
    Disable Fanaleds and try the native support. If everything is working fine, its a Fanaleds issue and no Fanatec issue and I think you would get better help by writing in their Forums. Or try the new FanaLab software which can also control the LEDs and Display of your Wheel ;)
    Most likely you have Speedgear enabled, which will show you the speed all the time and the gear when you should shift or have shifted.
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