Is the Podium DD mount compatible with the old Fanatec CSL Seat?


I have the (long discontinued) CSL Seat with a CSW2 mounted to it. Does the Podium fit on the same mount? Is the CSL Seat sturdy enough for that? I want a DD but am not in the mood for a big rebuild :)



  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    The Podium wheels have the same mounting holes on the bottom as the CSW v2. It won’t be the sturdiest option for DD wheels but you can get away with it. Just don’t run it on full power.
  • I am also thinking about buying a dd1 base and attaching it to my old csl seat. As I understood, the mounting holes fit ... did someone do this here and can report what the stability looks like?

  • For those who are interested: I have now bought the dd1 base and have now tested it myself, in my view it is sufficiently stable.

  • Sorry to go back to this old thread...

    I have the CSL-SEAT as well for years (and very happy with it), and I just got the CSL-DD. I believe that the mounting holes do not fit. I wonder if anyone successfully mounted a CSL-DD on the CSL-SEAT or have a solution to that (drilling holes in the small CSL-SEAT plate that attaches to the mounted wheel?)



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