Podium DD1 power supply fan always on



  • I have the same issue with fan never stopping once it starts. Not even when cooling down the room temperature

  • I'm too having this problem. So there is no fix?

  • No fix yet?

  • Hi Kamil,

    I think it is already fixed.

    Check with inside the beta drivers forum ( https://forum.fanatec.com/categories/beta-drivers)

    or open a case with tech support through the website or Maurice Böschen who is one of the beta testers and has helped a lot of people in the forum with his knowledge.

  • I've had the same issue recently. I think it is a common situation, considering the summer temperatures. I have now received, by the way, a spare PSU, just to confirm the eventuality of a faulty power supplier. I'll keep you updated..

  • I have the same problem with the DD2's power supply's fan - runs constantly. Contacted support and was sent a replacement, which had the same problem. Not sure if the fan is supposed to be running above certain ambient temperature, even with the wheelbase off. If that's the case, then why , if unplugged, it doesn't turn on, until the base is turned on. It'd be nice to have a straight answer from support

  • I have the same issue here (Podium DD1 with F1 V2 and GT2 wheel).

    It happens almost always despite I wait minutes before to switch off the base and temperature reported are lower than 40C and I have air conditioner on.

    Not sure if make sense to ask for a replacement since it seems that this issue affects almost all Podium PSU.

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