No vibration whith CSL Elite Wheel Base + - officially licensed for PS4™


I recently bought the all bundle "CSL Elite Wheel Base + - officially licensed for PS4™" in order to play F1 2019. When I downloaded the drivers pack on my PC, it tells me I have the most recent version. I can verify that Force Feedback AND Vibration work both by testing them separately.

In the game F1 2019 (and I tested also 2018), the force feedback works great but there is absolutely no vibration in the base/wheel like there is on my controller PS4 Dual Shock V2. I mean that I have to control my car only with the force feedback without any texture vibration on the road. 

If I go out of the road, I have of course rumble from the force feedback but no vibration. 
If I go straight, I have rumble from force feedback for road imperfection (activated in the game parameters) 
If I turn, I have the force feedback rumble but I can't feel THE GRIP from the tires as I have no vibration. I do feel that grip vibration with my PS4 dual shock.

I have tested all kind of setup in the wheel and in the game : i never had any vibration in the base or in the wheel. 

Is it normal ? 

Many thanks

CSL Elite Wheel Base + - officially licensed for PS4™


  • Yes that is normal, a FFB steering wheel is no vibration controller, it simulates force feedback from steering rack and tyres. You can get vibrations in ClubSport Steering wheels or ClubSport Pedals (for example hitting rev limiter, or engine vibration, suspension travel etc using FanaLab) but with your current setup that's not possible.
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    Im sorry I was not precise enough : I do have a "ClubSport" Steering Wheel : the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula 1 Esports. But I have only the CSL Elite pedal.

    My wheel is able to vibrate as I can test it with the driver software ! But nothing in the game. 

    What is the point of making a wheel able to vibrate if it does not do it in the game ? 

    What do you think ? 

    Thanks ;-)

  • It can obviously only vibrate in Game IF the game supports those features. F1 does not support this natively. So you need other tools like the new FanaLab software. With that software you can control the vibration motors in your steering wheel to vibrate in certain Telemetry based scenarios.
  • Codemasters F1 game knows natively how to send the vibration signal to the dual shock controllers, why it doesn't for a Fanatec Clubsport Wheel ? 

    It really makes me feel disappointed :-(

    Thanks :-)
  • That's obviously something you should ask Codemasters. Nothing to feel disappointed about, as said, use FanaLab and you can get your vibrations ;)
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    Many thanks :-) I will download FanaLab on my PC and test the wheel on my PS4 with the F1 game.

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    I just installed FanaLab on my Windows 10 but i just realized it won't work on my Playstation wheel yet, will it ?

    FanaLab can be installed only on PC in order to work only on PC's games ? 

    Thanks :-)
  • try this, it will give u what u are looking for
  • the strange thing is that I managed to have the vibration with f1 2019, for once it worked, so I tried again but I could not have it anymore

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