NASCAR heat4 wheel issues

Most times when I start a race there is no ffb at all and it usually starts working after a few laps but it violent at first jerking back and forth. It’s the only game I have this issue on. Is thi a game issue or a wheel problem. Csl elite PS4 with newest drivers and firmware installed


  • Nobody else having this issue?
  • Go to Options


    Select   Quality

    Strange setting but it works  ,  You can also put centering spring off ( Select   Player 1 Controls for that)

     Have fun , Game is getting better.
  • My issue is the force feedback doesn’t start working until after I run a few laps the it comes in but it’s jerky like it’s a delay from previous laps
  • Hi,

    I have had all the same issues plus the wheel doesn't like to center sometimes it takes several attempts.

    however I learned last night how to make it work. after centering press the mode button until it is that purple color then press the PS button, the PS4 will acknowledge that it is connected. using the prescribed blue setting for PS4 will not work for Heat 4. it also will stay in this setting after you leave the game and if you restart the wheel. (#Works) it is amazing to me that a gentleman in OHIO knew this then Told a gentleman in Canada who told me. it took all this to make a German wheel work as Promised from the Manufacture. Fanatec needs to get off its ass and spend some time in these Forums and resolve its biggest glaring issue. 😐️

  • That's very strange. Never heard of having to put the mode button to purple for PS4. Blue works for me.

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