Wheel bumping back from max deflection

I have an issue with F1 2018 and a CSW 2.5 & McLaren Wheel.

When I turn the wheel all the way to 100% it bumps back heavily. This happens whether I habe the SEN on AUTO or a specific value. Any ideas how to fix this? If I turn off Force Feedback in the game settings it obviously stops, but I haven't found a setting that fixes only this problem.
It doesn't happen in other games I play.


  • Are you sure it doesn't happen in other games when you have set SEN to a specific value? Because it sounds quite like how the soft stop works (it uses FFB to limit the turning angle of the wheel).

    If it really only does this in F1 2018, it must be how the game has implemented the soft stop. If it uses the Spring effect to achieve that, you could lower the SPr value on the wheel.
  • Yes, it only happens in F1 2018. It's not just a force I have to overcome but it really kicks back and that makes turning tight corners almost impossible.
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