Cannot Place Purchase

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Hey Fanatec,

A little frustrated. I have been trying to put an order in to purchase your new wheel bundle that is coming out tomorrow with peddles + Stickers. My first order attempt got blocked by my credit card as suspicious. Naturally I thought I put information in incorrectly so I attempted two more times to no avail. I called my credit card company @ Mastercard and they said they put a restriction and then lifted it after I spoke to them.

Awesome, time to buy the stuff.

Now I don't know if Fanatic has flagged my card or account, but I cannot put an order in and mastercard says no order is going through to them. Your support email doesn't work. It's bouncing my emails back. I just want to buy your product. Please, any help would be fantastic.

The error I get btw is:

Error with payment: Error with payment

I have no idea what that means but it simply will not allow me to pay with any method.


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