No FFB on Forza Horizon 4 with DD1 in Comp V2.5 mode


tried nearly everything they mentioned in different Forums but without success :(

Anyone here where FH4 is working with DD1 in Comp V2.5 mode with FFB???

Steering and Pedals are ok but without any response on the Wheel its not playable.

Thanks in advance for your help



  • Yes works like you expect for me in Comp v2.5 mode. Not best FFB but it works.

    What are your ingame and wheel setting for FH4?

  • I used Fanatec's recommendation settings for the WheelBase and also for InGame!

    Firmware i use is Fanatec Beta Driver V365 on all Components.

    All other Games i use are working perfect! AC, ACC, F1, Dirt2, AM2

    Any Ideas?

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    Are you plugged into a USB hub or USB3 input? If so try plugging directly to a USB2 port or another port on the PC. Also avoid using Simulation steering in game.


  • I am connected directly on USB2.0 as with all other Games i use.

    No USB hub, no USB3 because there the DD1 is never recognized.

    Now i read an Article that in the Demo it should work and later on copy the profile from Demo to Full Game.

    tried, but the same :( No FFB in Demo Mode.


  • Philipp did you ever figure this out? I’m having the exact same issue


  • Hi Jeremy,

    yes when I set my DD1 to Comp V2.5 Mode it is working since one of the last Driver updates!

    Currently i tried it again for you because i updated Fanatec Driver 2 days ago with last Fanalab and everything is up to date.

    Using the Porsche Wheel with PBME and its working.


    you cannot compare this FFB with any other Racing Simulation i do, for example AC, ACC, F1 2020, Dirt 2.0.

    this FFB is different and far away from realism

    Anyway i wanted that this is working because my daughter can practice with this game for Driver License ;) haha

    good luck for you and best regards


  • I know it's off topic here but by now I'm pretty desperate:

    Have you also had the problem that whenever you tried to remap any control, it immediately recognizes "Device 1: Axis 1"?

    Compatibility mode did also not work for me.

    What is the compatibility mode needed for anyway?

  • Hi everyone! Just installed the newest driver 402 for my dd1 with f1 v2 rim. Sadly there is no force feedback at all in Forza horizon 4.

    Using Comp. v2.5 mode but cannot seem to get it working. Steering wheel, shifter paddles, buttons, pedals, everything works in game, but sadly it's just a wheel with no feel to it. Also experiencing the same problem as Meik Specht, as soon as I try to remap any button it uses Device 1:Axis 1.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, all other simulators (ac, acc, iracing, name it) work fine.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I just bought Forza Horizon, Ultimate Edition today, was very eager to get it up and running. After 3 hours download I was finally ready.

    I've the CSL Elite Wheel and the Pedals with loadcell, works flawlessly in Dirt Rally 2 and Assetto Corsa. I have the pedals connected to the wheelbase and use only one USB cable from the wheelbase.

    But to my big disappointment the CSL Wheel + Pedal didn't work in Forza Horizon as supposed. It seems that there is a wrong event transmitted from the wheel, each time I try to map the pedals, I can see the input mapping config screen just blinks and then back to the mapping overview, sound like the same problem as described "keeps mapping to Device 1:Axis 1"

    Nothing works.

    I have tried combability mode, the light turns light green, but to no avail.

    Nothing works.

    I've tried only using my wheel (no mouse, no keyboard) to start and setup the game, but still no luck.

    Is it Fanatec or Forza that is not working ?

    What is wrong and can it be fixed in the nearby future?

  • Do you have any other controller connected? i have the same issue with forza 7 and the Ps4 USB adapter

  • Okay, it helped. I connected the USB cable directly to the PC (USB 3)

    The gas pedal is behaving weird. It is only at the last 20% that the car actually moves. I've tried adjusting the in-game settings as well as using Fanatec Wheel software (can't remember the name)

    It is just plain stupid that the settings is so limited in the game. For instance Brake/ Gas is mapped together, well.. I can choose the split it. But why on earth is that created so stupid, when the Fanatec wheel and pedals are connected.

    But if that wasn't enough, the game keeps crashing, not on the first stage, driving the super car, but on the second with ice/ winter.

    Also I need to configure Forza Horizon to use the toughest setting: insane/ pro, otherwise it feels like I'm driving in a big bowl of mud, where the car behaves like god-mode.

    Awful experience.

    I will NOT spend to minutes more of my precious life trying to get Forza to work.

    All in all... Forza Horizon is not working, not funny and absolutely not a simulation.

    Can I get my money back from Steam?

  • Hi.. i

    Same with me.. im using csl elite ps4 bmw gt2.. when playing FH4 its will stuck and freeze screen when playing and benchmark mode.. using driver from 373 until 402 still same.. Assetto Corsa work perfectly, only FH4 crashing.. can anyone help..

    Hardware : CSL elite ps4 + clubsport pedal v3

    Forza Horizon 4 from steam pc

    Gpu : nvidia 3070 with latest driver

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