No FFB on Forza Horizon 4 with DD1 in Comp V2.5 mode


tried nearly everything they mentioned in different Forums but without success :(

Anyone here where FH4 is working with DD1 in Comp V2.5 mode with FFB???

Steering and Pedals are ok but without any response on the Wheel its not playable.

Thanks in advance for your help



  • Yes works like you expect for me in Comp v2.5 mode. Not best FFB but it works.

    What are your ingame and wheel setting for FH4?

  • I used Fanatec's recommendation settings for the WheelBase and also for InGame!

    Firmware i use is Fanatec Beta Driver V365 on all Components.

    All other Games i use are working perfect! AC, ACC, F1, Dirt2, AM2

    Any Ideas?

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    Are you plugged into a USB hub or USB3 input? If so try plugging directly to a USB2 port or another port on the PC. Also avoid using Simulation steering in game.


  • I am connected directly on USB2.0 as with all other Games i use.

    No USB hub, no USB3 because there the DD1 is never recognized.

    Now i read an Article that in the Demo it should work and later on copy the profile from Demo to Full Game.

    tried, but the same :( No FFB in Demo Mode.


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