2.5 CS base starting to feel strange lately.

It almost feels like the belt is out of its track at times. It has a temp fix with restarting the base. But it comes quicker and quicker back. So am starting to get worried the belt starting to feel the mileage. 

I only had it for 5 month. And it has never been moved. But i use it actively.

My question is. What should i do? Any one else have this problem? And how long can u expect the belt to be used before it start to stretch or get loser? Is it normal to change it at all? Or maby could it be something else? 

I drive with recommended ffb settings with lower in-game. 5.5 in iracing . So i never used hard FFB mainly cuse i was worried abut this happening. 


  • From your description it's not possible to judge what may be the problem. I doubt whether the belt is the problem. I would recommend requesting an RMA via the Fanatec website, and let Support investigate and fix the issue. 
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    Quick update. It seem fine now. I flashed the firmware. And it seem's good now. Am rly happy!:) 

    Flashed to the same latest as i had. Am terrible at explaining. But felt when i turned the wheel was stuttering abit. Even when i exited the game and there was no FFB on. Uneven resistance. You could feel the tracks on belt not hitting where it should. But it usely fixed it self after turning wheel off and on again. 

    But since flash. I been driving for hour's without issues. I rly hope it stay this way.

    New update. Its sadly back. Guess i have to contact support. Hope i don't have to be without a wheel for long. Cuse its been an amazing wheel outside of this. 
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