Couldn't request Signature for Delivery/Can't Submit Contact requests

Per title. I'm a new customer (temporarily). I was unable to select that a signature was required to deliver my products.

I've attempted to submit a request for assistance on this matter no less than eight times through the website, which errors out every single time asking for all the fields to be filled out - specifically the COMMENT field. Obviously that field was not empty.

So I can't request a signature be required for my products, and the only method to communicate with someone who can fix this issue rejects any and every attempt to submit a ticket. (The support webpage also failed to actually claim my message was ever sent)

Should I just cancel my order immediately and walk away from Fanatec?


  • I think the signature upon delivery can be requested through the courier company.

    Worth a try calling them when you have the tracking info.

    Or else try to sent a PM to Dominic who is the Forum / Community manager and maybe he can help you.

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