I ask to Fanatec a clarification!

Dear Fanatec,

I have made an order in date 11June 2020 for a grand total of a 2.415,97 euro

and immediatly payd via bank transfer in date 12 june 2020,

in date 22 june 2020 I have canceled my order and put in two new order,

one with all ready to ship products and one for a backorder products.

Now I ask to you: why you not have send to me the products on stock?

Thanks for your reply




  • Probably/hopefully because they are trying to sort People who preordered back in April and May first

  • Hello Mary,

    I expect that if I order a product now that it is available in the shop it will be sent to me immediately

  • Even over people who have been waiting Literal months ? Bit selfish. There are issues with people who preordered and waited months getting put on further months worth of wait time because others are buying the stock before it can be shipped and added to people who have waited a lot longer than you for there preorders.

    join the queue. Don’t Expect to jump it...

  • If you want your products being shipped instantly on the same day, pay an extra for the delivery and order everything in separate orders. You will get the shipping notification that same day if it's working hours.

  • Mary,

    no I'm sorry, it doesn't work like that, if on the site it gives me availability and I buy it I expect it to be sent to me immediately because it is available to everyone, the people who have been waiting for months or are waiting for something different from what I ordered or Fanatec does not know how to manage the stock and the site.

    I don't want to jump anyone,

    I just want things to be clear and honest for everyone, I also are a shop for computer hardware and if a product is available on my site I send it immediately


  • Look what simone if you read carefully did just that he made two orders by paying two shipments

  • well I hope you get your order and I hope your order doesn’t delay someone else’s preorder by a month :)

  • Hello Guys,

    it's like Riccardo says, I have made two different orders by paying two shipments, I have chose a products that cost less and so I also paid more than I owed

  • Hi Mary,

    I just wait for a F1 2020 limited edition steering wheel

    all other my orders is already in my hand ;)

    and all my other order with on stock product was shipped the day after the order!



  • Of course it will delay someone else. But it isn't his fault. Its fanatec and their greed. In this case "don't blame the player,blame the game".

  • I have received a message now with an update on my order it will be shipped on Monday :) fanatec are Reading this forum

  • Good luck, I received a notice about 10 days ago saying my item would ship the next day. Haven't heard a thing since (Fed Ex).

  • edited June 26

    Has your order status filled To show 1 instead of a preorder date it’s next to each item When you look on Your order on website?

    Like this

  • Yep, and I also see the status says "order processed" with a little green box.

  • Welp I'm now seeing these stories and forum postings showing up in my Google now stream.

    Good to see this is starting to make some waves

    I have been lied to countless times. They just steal your money then act like you're unreasonable for asking to get what you paid for.

    The owner is MIA and doesn't seem to care about ANY of us.. just our money.

  • Hello everyone,

    I give an update of the situation because Simone is a member of my Team, Fanatac has refunded the money thath Simone have payd of the canceled order, Simone has immediately re-executed the transfers of the two new orders, now we hope that they will arrive soon.

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