April 14th I placed order and still no where to be found and no one to update

Placed an order for a 2.5 bundle when it said in stock on April 14th, been patient up until now. 3 days ago my order said July 3rd availability and then August 7th. Email web shop they say my order is in warehouse processing (6-26) and will ship soon. Go in to my orders and it says Preorder. WTF is wrong with the customer service in this company?

Why cant any one give a straight answer in a timely fashion?


  • I'm in the same boat. I ordered roughly the same thing April 21st and I still haven't received anything. Everything I ordered has been in and out of stock the past 2 months but nothing has been sent out. I requested support 3 weeks ago and got a response 2 weeks later saying that I could request a partial shipment. I requested that a week ago but still no response. I wish I could just call someone there and talk through it instead of playing email tag for months.

    Hopefully our lord and savior Dominic shows up and sorts things out haha. Good luck with your order!

  • Thanks Brother you also.

  • Hi, I am still waiting for my elite ps4 bundle since May 7. Please someone tell me something.

  • I'm in the same boat! Ordered my Forza bundle plus a handbrake April 17th. I got excited because the date changed from Aug 7th to July 3rd, now it's back to Aug 7th! I've tried to be patient with them this whole time, but no more! When others are ordering items separately and receiving their products while I wait two plus months! I emailed them and requested they ship my items separately, we'll see how that works out!?

  • It's an absolute JOKE!

  • Sent Dominic a pm last week no response, sent Webshop an email no response...... seems to be the norm here.

  • I still don't have a response from my email reply I sent almost 2 weeks ago. My order now says every item is available Jun 29th, but who knows anymore lol. What fun.

  • I just got an automated email saying my order is being gathered for shipment which is also reflected in my orders. I hope it actually happens. Did your stuff ever get sent out?

  • I actually had my stuff delivered today

  • Congrats, hope you're enjoying it!

    I got my shipment email yesterday and everything should be arriving on the 14th. What a fun 2 and a half months lol.

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