Well, better luck next week on shipping...

Anyone else who has been waiting almost a couple months for your order get a “your order will ship soon” email earlier this week, only to not have their order ship? I mean, I guess it’s progress but dang, another letdown. Now IF it ships next week, it will still take 5-7 days to get here, which adds another week. 😞

PS I know some will say sometimes it ships and you don’t get email...etc. I have FedEx delivery manager. So anything scanned for my address shows up in FedEx system.


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    Yep, got one last week (June 16).,. still no notification/tracking info (checked spam, and also signed up for FedEx delivery manager).... I see most people are getting their tracking info within 2-4 days, and the ones who aren't are still receiving their delivery within a week....been trying to call sales, but their 2 hour window here isn't always easy to hit during work hours. still waiting on an email response as well...

    east coast us

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    I think that for many people, the order going from "in process" to " processed" is a major step forward. Waiting times going from months or weeks to days is excellent news. Each order has to be processed and shipped which is going take a while but it's moving and that's good for everyone.

  • You have to make BBB complaints, call over and over again . Demand supervisors.. don't take crap from their low level reps. They are TRAINED TO TELL YOU NO. Do not accept call backs, hold for escalation. Do not get off the phone until you have tracking. Also be sure to check the tracking as they will lie to you and create a label just to trick you (they tried to pull that one on me )

    You have to make disputes on payment methods. You have to MAKE this company care. Otherwise as long as theg have your money they couldn't care if we lived or died.I have been lied to soooooo many times it's ridiculous. This Arnoud guy acted like he cared then just started ignoring me. I got an email this morning from a new person, so .. yeah .. being pushed off is LOTS of fun.

    Still from MAY can't even get my stuff and they couldn't care less until you post on here and let others know. Seriously give it a try, Go to BBB and file a complaint, go to trustedpilot and other review sites, leave your peace and watch all the sudden customers service responds!! Its sad we have to like flood their box with our name so they see we actually want our stuff.

    I legit had a moderator on here come at me threatening like I shouldn't be so loud sharing these experiences. Nothing like having them trying to censor us now and HIDE the problem.

  • Update* I finally received tracking and the tracking number finally updated and says it should be here Friday 7/3. Looking forward to it. Been a long wait.

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