Hello, i realised that when Tmp Motor is about 35 and Tmp Driver is about 40 i start feeling less the FF.

DD1 is only on on 55%  and using forces about 10-12 nm max on races. I start feeling less the kerbs and understeer.

Is this normal? Can we make fan run higher and cool the motor a little? 

Anyone feeling the same? Is not much but its enought to make me lose some tenths.

Iv also realised that the first time i use the wheel on any day for the first 10 mins it feels amazing when its on low temps.



  • Fan never goes more than 660rpm wich seems very low to me. My room its about 22-25 max ...i dont what will happen on summer.
  • I need to say that its "a little" but can feel it, after that doesnt go worse for the moment.
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    Your Temps are VERY low and absolutely normal. The motor can sustain Temps of up to 120°C without any problems, the fan can go up to over 4000RPM if needed, so absolutely no reason to make the fun run any higher to cool the motor because you are absolutely save with that Temps. In fact, your Temps are so low that the fan runs at its lowest possible value of 660RPM.It will go into its second power stage with 1000RPM once you go above I think 45°C motor temp. I think it's more of a placebo effect and in reality the FFB is constantly the same tbh as its almost impossible that the FFB fades with that Temps.
  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
    There is a torque readout on the wheel base display. If the motor was derating, you would see this in the torque readings. As Maurice says, the temperatures you're seeing are completely normal and should not have any effect on motor performance.
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