[Resolved]Order processed since Tuesday - no updates from Fanatec for shipping and no tracking.

Hi all, just curious if my order possibly shipped but I just have not received tracking. Ordered last Sunday, got the email from Fanatec that it was in the warehouse on Monday and it was switched to processed the next day in my order history but no further updates showed up. Checked junk mail etc. but nothing. Is it possible it shipped and I just have not been provided tracking? To Canada.


  • Although the time scale is slightly different, mine is the same. i can only assume that so many orders have gone from prepping to shipping that we are held in a queue again until the kit is actually loaded onto a truck and released from the warehouse. I can't imagine it's going to be long now. I'm prepared to wait another week or so because of the backlog.

  • Just received an email with my tracking about an hour after making this post - coincidence? ;)

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Yes that is a coincidence. There is no active process waiting to happen on our side once the order changes to 'processed'. The tracking information is synchronised by the courier, and is not under our control. Since the pandemic put extra strain on shipping services, they have made adjustments to their procedures for efficiency, and that has resulted in tracking information taking longer to synchronise.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • but my process now he is on To go 1week ago told me you item is not on ware house item and couple of day when you got an tracking number but this message is about 7day ago 20 june and i recevied 3 tracking number yes but is again on AWAITING ITEM and USPS if you dont recevied any respond about 7 days please contac USPS i does it .

  • Ami me paso lo mismo y resulta que estaba enviado ya, habri la aplicacion de ups y ahi aparecia el envio y el martes 30 ya se entregara, mi pedido fue el 19 de mayo un csw v2.5 preorden para el 3 de julio, por mi parte muy contento con fanatec, me lo han emviado antes de la fecha prevista

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