Cant update firmware on Formula V2 and Can't get CSW v2 to switch to xbox mode

Hi there,

Recentely purchased a CSW v2.0 and a clubsport formula V2 wheel. I have two issues. Firstly I cannot get it to switch into xbox mode at all. It just stays in PC mode. I am pressing the correct buttons. Secondly, when trying to update the steering wheel firmware, the driver crashes and the fanatec logo flashes on the wheel and the red ring on the base just spins. 
Can anybody let me know if im doing anything wrong. Ive tried different USB ports, cables and pretty much everything else mentioned in similar programs, and nothing is working. 


  • Which driver do you have installed and which base firmware is currently installed?
  • I have tried many drivers and base firmwares

    But currently I am running driver 345 and base firmware 662 and steering wheel firmware 27. Any more updates on the steering wheel results in the drivers crashing.

    Any reccomendations?
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