Is My Order OK & Black Friday

Hi guys first time customer here.

I love Dirt Rally on PC and want to update my Logi G920 based setup.

I'd appreciate it if you could check that I didn't overlook anything with my upcoming order.  

I've selected:

Clubsport Wheelbase 2.5
Clubsport Pedals v3
CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 for XB1
Clubsport Handbrake 1.5

I'll probably add Clubsport Shifter 1.5 to the initial order.

Is this setup ready to go or is there something else required?  

How much of a compromise do you think the steering wheel is?

I'm thinking the Next Level Racing Gttrack cockpit is what I'll attach the Fanatec stuff to. 

And finally just wondering if you're doing any Black Friday specials this year and should I wait for that.




  • i would wait for black friday and get another wheel better than that one.
  • OK, I will consider getting a better wheel. Thanks for the reply.

    I guess I'm just having trouble seeing the benefits other than better shifter buttons on the flappy paddles: what does everybody think is better about the more expensive wheels? For example what makes the Clubsport GT Forza Motorsport wheel in the bundle better?

    Also given that i will be driving rally cars along with track cars are there any considerations I should be aware of as far as steering wheel?

  • In my experience it has been the the hub that is the benefit as you can take it off and use on a wheel rim of your choice and I am not sure if that wheel comes with a quick release! I have been using these products since 2015 and have to say, you get what you pay for and it also depends what sort or racing you will be doing? This hobby is an expeensive one if you wish to make it an enjoyable experience and I would also wait for Black Friday sale! Anyhow happy racing ;)

  • Hey, thanks for the advice. I'll get the Forza wheel in the bundle then.

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