csl elite lc brake stuck on

As per the title went to use my rig as normal and found my brakes are stuck on in all my racing games,no problems before ive had the pedals for a year any suggestions,i have checked all cables and wires no problems .many thanks antony


  • Have you tried calibrating the Max/Min points in the Fanatec Driver ?
  • Going to hook up to pc tonight and check but all was fine for a year ,nothing changed in settings to upset things
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    what driver/firmware, game system ,games and are you using any accessories? i have had locking brake issues too, but with my handbrake and my podium in all games on ps4.
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    Hello Aaron 
    Xbox x system,pc2 ,dirt rally2,assetto corsa and abit of truck driver,using handbrake and shifter as well ,driver /firmware i think is 629  will check and edit when i next go on.I think  a firmware issue started when i got a maclaren gt3 wheel and has to mess with the firmware alot to get shifters working properly. have checked everything on pc, all looks good brakes registering properly so tried again and all good. i think if i plug in my rig after xbox is on this somehow disrupts the setting up procedure and causes the brake issue ,so i would suggest plug everything in then tv /xbox(ps4)/calibrate wheel see if this helps .
    edit firmware version 629 on p1 elite ,.Brakes stuck on again so switched to pc mode then back to xbox mode and fixed, so firmware it is i think,
    might try and reflash/update firmware later on will post back,nice set up and vid by the way cheers
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    right off the bat, try disconnecting the handbrake, cable and all! my issues have been around, that. i posted a video on how i diagnosed and fixed my problems, i hope its a firmware bug, there has been a few lately. this is what I have to do to make my stuff work, i cant say how to do this on xbox, but i can only hope u can figure something out. maybe the brake bug has moved nextdoor? there is another video in the description of how i have to turn on the system initially to make the clubsport features work. my buddy calls it the combo-lock Rig So i do all that for all games except gtsport, i unplug the handbrake for any title i dont use it and then this for Dirt Rally 2.0 (cant rx without a handbrake) thanks to codemasters for adding some tools!
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    Im running the v345 stiil and the associated firmware for the f1 special edition rim for ps4.
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    Have you tried calibrating the Max/Min points in the Fanatec Driver ?
    im am on driver v346 , i did this on recommendation of an authorized agent. it didn't work and the handbrake presented the same way, however, i was able to reconcile the input using the same method.
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