McLaren GT3 Wheel does not initialize properly after power on

I have some issue with my McLaren GT3 Wheel.

First of all, here is my setup:

CSW Base 2.5
McLaren GT3 Wheel

PC Driver 345
Wheel Base Firmware 662
Wheel Base Motor 22
SW Firmware 30

When I power on the base with the McLaren Wheel attached, the display of the wheel shows the Fanatec Logo but not the firmware versions and the wheel is not recognized in the driver.
When I open the Fanatec Wheel Property Page, it shows just the base and no wheel and the lighted power button on the base rotates lacking one quarter of the circle.

As soon as i remove and reattach the wheel, everything works fine.
When I power up the base with another wheel (Sparco rim with XBox Universal Hub) I don't have this issue.

Can anybody help me out?


  • I wish I could help, I came here looking for help too. My GT3 wheel has just started behaving the same; controls not working, power button LEDs slowly spinning. Sad times.

  • @Stefan Gmelin I have the same issue once in a while with the McLaren GT3, but mounted on a CSL Elite PS4. Reattaching the wheel works, but a restart of the wheelbase also solves the problem. Guess this is going to be one of those cases to grab a video from, and add it to a support ticket..

    When does the chaos with these McLaren wheels finally end :(

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