CSL Loadcell brakepedal excessive Play / footplacement

Jurgen SmetsJurgen Smets Member
edited June 2020 in Pedals


I received the lc pedal a few days ago and mounted it on the original base onto my aluminum rig.

The thing I noticed right away was excessive play on the pedal itself. The bushing of the pedal is way to thin, for what i can see.

The metal axle sits flush but the pedal can move left-right, which give the pedal al loose feeling an clunky noise.

Any workarounds to make this better? I do understand that there must be a minimum on play to make movement possible but this is rather annoying.

Second question, more like advice, what's the most accurate brakepedal position-footplacement.

So the loadcell outputs a signal depending the deformation. Which is depending on the placement of the foot.

I play with socks, no racing shoes, and notice quite a difference in pressure that is needed depending where my foot lands on the pedal.

For now I'm experimenting with the elastomer rings for a 'near realistic' pedal feel. But I do wonder what the perfect foot position might be.



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