May 16 order.. still waiting..

Ordered a DD1 and the new F1 wheel at the same time (HUUUUUUUUGE mistake)

F1 wheels are shipping, the availability on my DD1 was 20 May (exactly why i ordered it) and my order is still stuck. No shipping information. my friends are getting their rims.

Why wasnt My DD1 sent as soon as it was available?

If standards are kept as it stands, ill be waiting until Late August until the DD1s are available again and my wheel is just going to sit there until then (like I thought my DD1 would)

Cmon fanatec this is pathetic, do better

This is the second fanatec wheel base I have bought (and second rim) It has been a brand I have recommended. Feels really bad to be betrayed by a company I have been loyal to.


  • To be honest I think Unless you asked for split shipment there waiting to ship your wheel with it. I think they made a post on twitter saying that they should ship this week

  • well hopefully they had a DD1 waiting for me as that was the order, I had a friend in league order a DD1 after me and he has received it already. SO I am really really not happy right now

  • I feel that. This is my first order from Fanatec and from what I hear there product is second to none but there customer services needs work. My order so called “shipped” on June 12th. It just crossed the boarder from the US to Canada today... worse case is even if you send a email asking if you can get a split shipment there not even going to see it for 2 weeks

  • Ill be asking for my shipment to be split but getting through to customer support in the meantime... last time it took 8 business days to get back to me.

  • So it appears my order has been changed to remove the availability. not sure if my order is processing or fanatec are just covering tracks at the moment. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt.

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