GT3 McLaren wheel High failure rate. Thomas we're all looking at you to address this directly.

So, as a paying customer I have the right to know why I'm standing at the F1 Esports kiosk in Austin, and I have people telling me not to purchase the McLaren GT3 wheel that I have on pre-order. I'm looking at all of the fanatec wheels on display, and I had another person tell me that they have had to have their McLaren GT3 wheel replaced three times. (On two separate days) I think that the customers have a right to know what the hell is going on with the quality control issues, and if the next batch that is expected to be delivered in late November will address all of the failure rates. This is not something that is to be sidestepped. Thomas, the CEO needs to address this directly as bad-mouthing (aka not good for business) is happening on a large scale at F1 events about that wheel rim. I expect to be answered as some of the staff here are already aware I will get my answer through laying it all out there, which may not be what you want your customers to see, and I will leave as much on here as I can until I get my answer so please answer this question. Thank you very much.
Has the McLaren GT3 wheel failed for you?
  1. No, my will has not failed and I am happy.0 votes
    1. Yes, my McLaren GT3 wheel Rim has failed and I am on a replacement.
    2. Yes, I have had to have my McLaren GT3 wheel replaced more than once.
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