DD1 looses center calibration or maybe i have missed something

I have a problem where its like my DD1 looses its center calibration randomly, it happens on iRacing and F1 2019 the car will be going around a corner or down a straight and suddenly the steering wheel snaps out of my hand and sends the car into the wall, I've tried everything I can think of to fix the problem. from uninstalling the firm wear re downloading new firm wear and re installing, swapping from a podium hub to a club sport hub, recalibrating the wheel center in the game and in the Fanatec control. swapping USB ports on the computer. changing in game settings and in Fanalab, using the torque key, not using the torque key and nothing is helping and swapping between games. can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong. or is this a fault with the DD1


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