Question about my order

Hi. I placed the order with order number: 1081972 on May 15th. All the items in the order show an availability date in the past. Based on other discussions here it is a bug in your system and my order is stuck.

So could anybody from your end take a look at my order and prepare it to ship if the products are available? I would really appreciate an update on my order after almost 2 months.


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    It seems the products are available if you see availability on the product page itself not on your order details page. If you see them available you should cancel your order and order again. If there is a pre-order date on the product page, you have to wait a long time.

    My pre-order for a pedal set has never been fulfilled but I could order it when it was available on the product page.

  • You have to make BBB complaints, call over and over again . Demand supervisors.. don't take crap from their low level reps. They are TRAINED TO TELL YOU NO. Do not accept call backs, hold for escalation. Do not get off the phone until you have tracking. Also bef sure to check the tracking as they will lie to you and create a label just to trick you (they tried to pull that one on me )

    You have to make disputes on payment methods. You have to MAKE this company care. Otherwise as long as theg have your money they couldn't care if we lived or died.I have been lied to soooooo many times it's ridiculous. This Arnoud guy acted like he cared then just started ignoring me. I got an email this morning from a new person, so .. yeah .. being pushed off is LOTS of fun.

    Still from MAY can't even get my stuff and they couldn't care less until you post on here and let others know. Seriously give it a try, Go to BBB and file a complaint, go to trustedpilot and other review sites, leave your peace and watch all the sudden customers service responds!!

  • Yeah it is quite a bad excuse to say that of current situation they cannot communicate with their customer who did pay for the order. We also have our own problems but we paid for it without any dealy.

    I understand that the production and shipping got affected but still, not giving at least an update on an order worth a few thousand bucks is just shit.

    Even if it is an automated mail saying they are sorry and send it to the customers... Nope, all i have for my money in the last 2 months is the confirmation email of my payment... Didn't receive any email saying at least sorry when the availability date was moved twice, nothing. It feels bad to go and ask the company for something you paid for fair and square.

    In my opinin they should come to you and provide details and information, then people would be more understanding.

  • Wow, Another post, hilarious now it seems that Fantec has their forum boys on the attack: D Pretty cute how asking for good customer service, not being lied to repeatedly, hung up and treated rudely etc is somehow "busting your balls" . If only i was handled professionally.

    MONTHS and MONTHS and I still don't have 25% of my order correct. What was sent was either wrong, or defective. They don't even so much as care!!!!!!!!!!! However they'll sick their dogs on you to stalk and harass you on forums :)

    Alex, are you just going to follow me around on forums. Would you like to add me on facebook and instagram too? I'm sharing my experiences there as well too, just so you can properly chase me down.

  • The hilarious thing is that you live in your microscopic world and think that normal members of this forum are Fanatec fanboys or someone told anyone to attack. You must be one of the people that wear the aluminium foil on the head so people don't read your thoughts (if you have any brain to start with) or think that 5G rays will fry your brain. Well the good news is that you don't have one to start with.

    I don't care what you do in forums that I don't read. There are other readers that can read, judge, react or whatever. And for sure I dont give a rat's ass to follow you in social media. Maybe this is something you are fond of..... 😎

    Now move along and do what you have to do BUT STOP SPAMMING EACH AND EVERY THREAD.

  • Alex, did you or did you not chase down every post I made? Seriously? I'm here because I spent over a grand and got crap service and crap products. What is your motive beyond too much time on your hands? Lets please keep this civil and on topic please.

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    I replied to another thread. 

    "Just showing you how I and other members of this forum feel when we see your copy/pasted posts in ALL THE THREADS."

    So I did the exact same stuff you did. Searched the whole forum for the delays and posted the same exact message.

    You want to keep it civil, I can keep it civil, as long as you do as well. But please stop the spamming. 

    On the other point it seems that you made up your mind from your other posts so whatever we might be able to say or try to say we are called fanboys and Fanatec's dogs on a mission. 🙄 Maybe now you can also understand the reaction you created. 😉

    And by the way. The amount you spent doesn't give any more rights than a person that spent 30 bucks for buttons only. Everyone are and should treated equal. At least to my eyes. If you think that someone should be treated according to what he has bought then is your right to think of it (but think of other members that have spent 10 or 15 times the amount you have spent over the years, or on a single order? How they should have reacted?).

    But again. Don't force everyone else in the same thinking by spamming.

  • So can I get any response? I also submitted a question regarding my order on the site through the form but didn't received any response from Fanatec. Not even a confirmation email that they received my question. So please can somebody respond to me and give me an update. I don't think I ask for such a huge thing, all I want is an update after 2 months of placing my order.

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