Hello i have a qwestion.

Are jou shipmemt wen the bundel compleet

So i must wait for the shifter 30 july read for shipmemt??


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    There is a problem where bundles are being held in the system. I suggest a quick privet message to Dom the community rep and he will chase your order for you via sales team. here is a link to his forum profile.

    This can take a day or so as he has hundreds of messages to go through.

    Good luck I hope you get your order sorted!

  • You have to make BBB complaints, call over and over again . Demand supervisors.. don't take crap from their low level reps. They are TRAINED TO TELL YOU NO. Do not accept call backs, hold for escalation. Do not get off the phone until you have tracking.

    You have to make disputes on payment methods. You have to MAKE this company care. Otherwise as long as theg have your money they couldn't care if we lived or died.

    I have been lied to soooooo many times it's ridiculous. This Arnoud guy acted like he cared then just started ignoring me.

    Just cancel your order if you want to save yourself the headache. I have been waiting for my shifter since MAY!!!

    They will lie to you and tell you it's shipped to get you off the phone knowing they won't ship. They hang up on you when you want to speak with someone higher so you have to call back again.

    They truly are something else.. makes me wonder if they just hate Americans or something.

  • As mentioned in the other post.. Alex it seems your forum stalking me, thats creepy. Stop it.

    If you work for fanatec, "your" balls wouldn't be busted if you'd just step up and do good customer service. :D I'm still waiting on stuff, money and promises that haven't been fulfilled.

  • I wil wait bút never reaction from te fanatec crew. 😢😢😢

  • Just showing you how I and other members of this forum feel when we see your copy/pasted posts in ALL THE THREADS.

  • Yes its a bad purson. Bút i mis the service from fanatec

  • Are all bundles stuck this way? or is it just a couple of them?

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