Hi guys.
I have a question for ps4 owners: is there a way to switch the oled display (f1 podium ps4 racing wheel) from speed to gear (or something else)? I can only see speed on my display while using podium on ps4.


  • no, it automatically does speed and momentarily shows the gear when shifting.
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    Yes on pc , you need to use third party tools like Fanaleds or SLI Max Manager or the new Fanatec software FanaLab. There you can set what the display should display. Only works on pc of course, on PS4 you have to use what the game dev has developed.
  • Ok thanks guys. I used slimax and fanaled for a long time(on pc), now I'm using fanalab. I just started using fanatec wheels on ps4 and I thought there was a way to change oled display info. Thanks... Anyway
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