A finally "not so bad" order (Positive feedback for once :) )

Hi all,

I know that's a difficult period for Fanatec customers due to delivery issues and lack of communication from them. However, I just want to give some positive feedback about an order which had started quite badly. On May 19th I ordered on EU site a complete set of gear (2.5 base, Formula V2 wheel, V3 pedals + table clamp and button stickers) with a shipping planned around July 3rd (2.5 wheelbase was in pre order at this time). It was ok for me to wait as at the end it was not hidden. Reading the many bad comments I started to almost daily check the status to detect any push back of my command. On June 6th bad surprise, my entire delivery is postponed to July 31st due to Formula V2 beeing out of stock (no notification received). After having sent an "edgy" message on the well known "Service Situation" post, Dominic replied me that it will be not possible to expect everything to be sent before this new date. However last week, and surprisly, I received a shipping notification from Fanatec and my entire order has been delivered on Friday (26th). So I don't know if I've been the lucky one or just gain position in the delivery queue due to people cancelling their order, but at the end I received my stuff more than a week before the initial availability date. At the end, and for those who have their order pushed back, do not cancel your order because you could have a good surprise. However all of this do not excuse the not existing Fanatec communication and I have been, like other customers on the last few months, in an emotional roller coaster...

Have all a nice play :)


  • You're lucky. I ordered virtually the same (minus the table clamp) from the EU site on 15th May and still haven't got mine yet. The dates all changed just like yours and on the 23rd I did get an email saying it was processed, but since then it's completely disappeared. No delivery email, no response to email to customer services and no delivery :(

  • Hi Craig,

    You should try to create an account on UPS My Choice using the same email address than the one used to order on the Fanatec website. On my side I didn't received any tracking number from Fanatec, but directly received UPS notifications. I already had a UPS account so maybe I just received these notification because of this. There are multiple messages from people having received their order without having received any notifications.

    I hope for you that is only a matter of days now :)

  • Hi Maxime,

    Yes I've already got a UPS My Choice account and I've received notifications for other deliveries from Fanatec (I ordered another wheel rim separately, it makes a nice decoration on my shelf!). Though I've noticed that I only get the UPS notifications and tracking number when it arrives in the UK, so perhaps it's got stuck in Germany somewhere.

  • did you have to sign for it? i am worried my order will be shipped, and i wont be notified ,and it will sit on my porch till a pirate comes and picks it up. if i can get a tracking number ,i can put a hold on it at the distribution center, and go pick it up.

  • Hi Craig,

    On my side I received the UPS notification when the order was still in Hamburg (I think the current order are directly dispatched when they leave the boat coming from China). I'm based in Paris France.

    Hi Ed,

    I just created my account their https://wwwapps.ups.com/doapp/signupmychoice?loc=en_IE, and nothing more. It take only 2 minutes.

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    HI Maxime,

    Same order date, almost same order content, same receipt date... Same happiness :)

    Enjoy :)

    Thank you Fanatec !

  • Ordered

    F1 2020 LE wheel - order date: 16/05, delivered 29/06

    CSW 2.5, V3 pedals + BPK and Prosche 918 RSR - order date: 09/06, will be delivered tomorrow 01/07

    @Ryan Ward Just cancel your order and get your money back via your bank/creditcard and stop spamming this forum. It starts to get a little annoying. There are enough spam posts already and it won't help you a bit.

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    The hilarious thing is that you live in your microscopic world and think that normal members of this forum are Fanatec fanboys or someone told anyone to attack. You must be one of the people that wear the aluminium foil on the head so people don't read your thoughts (if you have any brain to start with) or think that 5G rays will fry your brain. Well the good news is that you don't have one to start with.

    Now move along and do what you have to do BUT STOP SPAMMING EACH AND EVERY THREAD.

  • replied to you on another thread.

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