Very odd system you have

Having pre ordered (Order no 1098098) v3 pedals for shipping 13 Jul, it’s very odd that you cannot fulfil this order with stock you now have? Perhaps keeping me waiting longer is a ploy to increase the level of excitement when they do finally arrive?


  • You should cancel the order and order again while they have it in stock.

  • What, and wait for a refund that may or may not happen - I’m not made of money unfortunately

  • Otto HorvathOtto Horvath Member
    edited June 2020

    Then you should contact support to check your order, as there is a known issue with stuck pre-orders. I was waiting for a pedal set and they never fulfilled the order even they have it in stock. I canceled it, made an order again, and they shipped it immediately.

  • Did you get a fast refund on the cancelled order?

  • It took 2-3 days.

  • Order now showing as having been processed, so looks like they managed to push the order through. Thank you for your comments and suggestions 🙂

  • Don't get too excited yet. My order status changed to processed over a week ago and still nothing. According to UPS there hasn't even been a label printed yet. The products in my order are now in stock, but I can't even cancel my original order and make it again for the in stock products because it's now "processed", even though it clearly hasn't been.

  • Thanks for the warning, keeping a close eye.

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