I have been trying to make a purchase but for some reason the payment just doesn't work. I keep getting:

Error with payment: Error with payment
Please contact our sales. [email protected]

I have tried all of my cards (debit and credit), PayPal; I have also spoken to my banks about any issues with fraud protection; but no. The banks say they don't even get any transaction request from the merchant when the purchase is being made. I also tried making another account with a different email on the Fanatec US website, but got the same error.

With PayPal, it never redirects to the payment page but keeps redirecting back to the fanatec website with the same error.

Its been almost 3 weeks I have been facing this issue and I have not received a single response from Fanatec over this. For others seeing the same error, how did you get it resolved?


  • It may be a fluke, but I found an old thread on here which suggested that you change the email address linked to your Fanatec account and then use Paypal. I was having troubles placing an order for the past couple of days with two difference cards. It wouldn't even allow me to select Paypal as a payment option - it just gave me an error. However, I changed my email address and then, to my complete surprise, it allowed me to use PayPal to complete the sale on the first attempt. There's no guarantee that it will work, but you might give it a shot.

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