When should i expect my order?

Ordered 3rd June and yesterday was the day all my items became available, still says available 29th June but not dispatched yet. I see other people have had issues too just wondering should i get my hopes up or forget about it?

Only reason i message on here is because they ignore my emails for 2 weeks.


  • Same on me. It's not really that I couldn't wait for my order any longer.

    But I think they really have to think about their customer-relations. To ignore people who pay alot of money in before and beeing ignored after the official delivery day passed is, let it call atleast "questionable".

    I would like to hear an honest reply from someone official: How would you feel if you transfer money and after that noone cares about your questions?

    Aslong it was just me i thought "ok, mistakes happen. Maybe someone forgot etc." ... but with richards post i kind of get a feeling that it's on intention?!

  • I ordered in May and all I was waiting for was the V3 pedals which apparently came into stock yesterday. I am not in a huge rush to get it as my rig has now been pushed back to mid July, but would be good to have an update. I sent them an email a little while ago and got a response fairly quickly saying that it was going to be sent on the 30th June. Sent them an email this morning to follow up.

    I guess you got to be patient in these times.

  • Yeah i get it, everyone is waiting, this would have been my first time even trying sim racing but just seems like the barrier of entry is too much. Im starting to get bored of this hobby before ive ever done it. Spend about a grand on a setup to wait a month for nothing, i know people have waited longer than me im just bored already ill give it a week and then ill cancel. Heard some horror stories of people waiting 3 months wont catch me in that boat ill just take my money back and spend it on drugs or something more useful.

  • Ordered my stuff April 14th and nothing, generic bullshit emails when I inquire. Date changes like availability Aug 7th then July 3rd then Aug 7th now its on preorder. Non existent customer service.

  • Yea same here, placed order back in may, order date changed from 12 to 22 june, still waiting, had no replies to emails.

  • Just to update, 4 days on since everything became "available"

    and still nothing....

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