LE F1 2020 Shipping info sent to Fedex

So the shipping info was sent on the 29th at 10:12 am.

Now what they are waiting for tonl come and pickup the items they are sending out and when that happens my shipping info should be updated correct?.

I'm just asking maybe some other people can provide some insight on how their shipping experience was.

It says estimated shipping date to be the 3rd of july.


  • Psql DPsql D Member

    I already received the wheel, but I’m in Europe and they use UPS here.

    But looks like Fanatec has done there job and it’s now in the hands of Fedex to pickup and handle the packages. But looks like in the US they are to busy at Fedex to handle and pickup packages in normal time frames.

  • Yeah im.not worried about it taking longer as long as It actually does come to me.

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