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  • Thanks for the hint. Not the best quality tho, but I think you see what I mean here.

  • Ah, so it used to say the date and time of the most recent comment on that view, before you even open the thread? I don't remember, to be honest! But I will check if it is possible to add.

  • Yes, that was part of the old system. It really helped to see if there was recent activity or not (in a better way as only showing how many new comments were made)

  • I've send a message through the contact form last week, and messaged @Dominic Brennan but haven't heard anything back yet. Yes, I know, busy and all during these times probably.

    Is it intentional that the site allows a user to extract the names of all the users and the date of their last activity with just a few simple web calls?

  • @Bram van Essen I'm sorry but don't see a message from you. I have passed on your query to the relevant staff.

  • Thats weird, send it through the message option on the top right of this page, and I can still see it there. Anyway: hope to hear from the staff soon in this matter. (Or better, that the option on the site is closed..)

  • Hi, I'm a registered customer but I can't log in for some reason, could you please help, kind regards mike

  • I try and log in but all I get is a message saying -Your access data could not be assigned to a user?

  • Cheers dom, I've replied back kind regards Mike

  • Hi Dom, is the bug with existing customers with active discount code not being able to have it applied resolved? I was wanting to pre-order the Podium Porsche Steering while but in the proceed to check out page I was not able to find the field to submit my active code. It was in there over the weekend but the application popped up with errors and now the field has gone all together. I have also sent the email to webshop on Sunday but haven't heard back since. Need some help on this. Regards Christine.

  • You can find the field for entering the discount code when you edit your shopping cart before checkout. However, for me my code is still not working unfortunately so I also have to wait until the code is being registered again..

  • edited November 2019

    Blog, forum, contact etc menus can only be seen/displayed while in landscape mode.

    Also some of the text can only be seen in landscape mode for example click on a wheel to open its page in portrait and scroll down a bit u will see that there are white empty places then switch to landscape to see the difference.

    it looks like the website does not properly scale according to the device used. (Tried with iPhone 11 pro max requesting website and mobile website but there was no difference).

    Hopefully one day the new website would be as polished as the old one to find info...etc but not as slow as the old one.

  • Another bug on the website..

    My products does not list all of my purchases.

    Those that are there state the warranty expires based on the date of order not shipping... So my order for the McLaren placed in July 2019 expires in July 2021 but it has not shipped yet.

    Hope you find it useful for us to post here


  • edited December 2019

    @Dominic Brennan

    Any update on this? My Black Friday SQ Shifter appears under "My products" however my previously purchased DD1 and F1 2019 LE Wheel don't appear there, although they are listed in "Orders" I think you mentioned not to add the products manually as that might interfere once the new website issues are resolved.

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