Your access data could not be assigned to a user

Dear sir/madam,

When I login on the forum everything is fine, but when I login on the main website it says: ''Your access data could not be assigned to a user''

Perhaps it's because I changed my pass, cause I couldn't login on the forum cause my account had no password and I had to reset.




  • It's strange. Reset my pass on the main website. Now I can login on both.

  • Same here...had a problem logging into Web shop...It told Me My Account has been Deactivated but i can log in on the forum...Once i got into the Web shop My Entire Order history is GONE!!!

    I sent a Email and Im waiting for Email Response... I'm sure they will get it sorted out.

  • I can only login when I log in on the main website, then go to the forum and press on my account-avatar or. Perhaps rolling back to old format is a good idea. Give the new website + forum some proper testing.

  • Same issue Get this message when trying to log in "Your access data could not be assigned to a user" - Then I hit "Forgot password to reset even tho I know the password & NEVER Get an email from Fanatec!!!! What Gives Guys???

  • had the same thing, had to specify my region (Australia) before I could log in... pretty dumb...

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