Fanatec Staff Please read!

Hi just a quick post....That would be a good idea to have all Fanatec Staff to share the same "Avatar/Profile Picture" something like the famous Fanatec "F" or just the word "FANATEC" Just so customers like me or NEW customers know that when they make a post in the forum they would know who are/who are not, FANATEC STAFF.

Just though it would be easier to know if a staff member is seeing your post.

Thanks, nice website ;)



  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Steve,

    Yes we will implement a clearer way of identifying between members, moderators, and admins.

    Glad you like the new site!


  • Hi Dominic

    Nice to know that this will be implemented, I was finding it to be really difficult as to whom I was speaking to :0



  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
    edited November 2019

    Open to all,

    i think you need to soul search the differences between a semi-open informational forum filled with product owners and a technical support system(which you probably haven't had dealings with yet). This is something in between that. i ended up here in sheer disbelief and distress after dealing with fanatec tech support.

    this is a place for discussion of relating things to the fanatec experience. as a long time owner of multiple systems i can relate to most of the horror stories here and i also share my triumphs to provide a complete picture.

    People help people here and Bottom line is people (in some cases people may or may not be employed by fanatec) who own these products in most cases are more knowledgeable then the people at this company at times and respond faster when their experience is applicable.

    So as long as a solution is found, does it really matter where it comes from?

  • I don't have any horror stories, given the fact I've been a customer since 2012 and have run into support a few times now, I have nothing but praise for their support team and staff, they have been real good :)

    Of coures it matters who's who, identifying between members, moderators, and admins is key to running any forum.

    I'm all for helping others enjoy their purchase, and offering up some solutions for minor little problems, but to be honest, if I just bought from Fanatec, or I was just looking for some help, it would be reassuring to know that someone from Fanatec (known by their "Avatar/Profile Picture") is helping you too :)

    After all, we don't know jack from Jill on the internet, it's like running out of your house with a handful of cash and asking the first person you see, to keep it in his pocket and you'll collect it later..You just wouldn't do that (at least I hope you wouldn't do that :) ..But what if this same person is holding a big BANKER sign, and you knew that you can trust that BANKER sign, it would be different wouldn't it??

    Does all that make sense?

    Regards Steve :)

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
    edited November 2019

    agreed ,but there aren't many children on here, just men and women with child like tendencies who like playing with toys. all should be qualified to discern good from bad intel

  • All us children must unite, and play with our toys more! ;)

  • absolutely, this is why we gather here.

  • agree there are plenty child like men on here (I'm one!) - but women? on here?? never! :-)

  • Stephen WayStephen Way Member
    edited November 2019

    You might get your hand bitten saying that, I know of three Sim racing women, but if they are Fanatec customers? You might be lucky ;)

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