Website Math - Major Issue

It appears the website is trying to charge me double/triple taxes. Example

Trying to order the Clubsport pedals US list price $360, put it in the cart at it shows a "new" price of $393. It has added another $33 in VAT charges. Go to check out and now the price back out the "double" VAT dropping the price back to 360 (the price that included VAT Already) and adds US Tax.

This was not true last night when I was shopping and the VAT was removed totally and US taxed added in (same screen view but the math subtracted the VAT as expected vs adding it back again).

For the order I want to place the difference is over $300! Never seen an error like this on an ecommerce platform.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Hi Chris,

    Please reach out directly to customer support for help with your order. The new website might still have some bug as they port over.

  • Trying again here because apparently customer service email team does not do math questions.

    Club Sport Pedals - LIsted Price $360 * (Disclaimer says VAT included) - Yes I am in US but no localization is done by Fanatec

    Add it to Cart

    New Price - 393 ($360 plus another $33 for the already INCLUDED VAT)

    But on Checkout it backs out one of the TWO VAT charges before charging me US taxes

    *Taxes are also being charged on shipping which is not something I have seen before, I don't believe this is accurate

    CA Price at 9.5% local tax is = $394.20

    BUT I think it should be

    List price (which includes VAT per your own language) $360

    MINUS included VAT bc I am in US $327

    Plus CA 9.5% taxes

    Price is $358 (plus shipping etc)

    This is not a small $ value difference and the website is very confusing on how you intend to charge US customers. Either the math is wrong or the disclaimer saying shown prices INCLUDE VAT is misleading at best. How do I get an answer? I dont think I feel confident in Fanatec business practices if we cant get simple price question answered.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    @Chris Michaels We're looking into this.

  • Dominic, if it helps your team to debug... The mini cart view (when you hover over the cart icon) shows the base price minus the VAT , then when you click into the cart the logic is Base price PLUS VAT . And this error only occurs when you sign into your account to make the purchase (i.e. the error seems baked into your regional settings somehow).

    And for reference I did put in a ticket with support who responded with no answer, they did not understand the issue and stated that the double tax (VAT plus US taxes) price is what Fanatec intended, I don't believe she understood the question.

  • Everyone had told me Fanatec was either a great experience of a brain deadening maze of bad customer service. I'm just glad Fanatec is so dysfunctional I couldn't even get a correct price to place my order. Seeing the poor treatment of all these people who spent a-lot of money is eye opening, no matter. I'll be walking away from this order and filing a false advertising complaint with the California Attorney General (you have a corporate office 10 miles from me) and a complaint to F1 that they should not be partnering with such a poor consumer experience. Hire more customer support reps, everyone who communicates seems nice but you must be overworked as the rest of your company seems to drop the ball, alot. Don't feel the need to respond, just want to give you ammo to go talk to a boss to try and make some of this mess better. I'm off to order the simucube : )

  • B SB S Member

    May 31, 2020

    I was trying to purchase the Clubsport V3 pedals, but I noticed the US website is overcharging as described in the above comments. They are listed in multiple places on the website at $USD 359.95 VAT included. VAT does not apply to US customers purchasing items in the US. Therefore, the listed price should be $359.95 MINUS VAT. If you hover over the small cart icon in upper right corner before going to check out, the actual and legitimate US price appears without VAT. That price is $USD 330.46. Numbers are rounded up in this comment.

    So, the total should be:

    listed price- $330.46 ($359.95-$29.50 VAT)

    CA sales tax @9.25%- $30.57

    shipping (to CA address)- $17.29

    TOTAL- $378.32

    Instead, the numbers that appear in the checkout page are as follows:

    listed price (sum)- $393.25 (including $33.30 VAT)

    shipping- $17.29

    total amount without VAT- $375.78

    CA sales tax @9.25% (incorrectly stated as VAT)- $34.76

    TOTAL- $410.54

    The Fanatec totals on checkout page don't make any sense. It looks like the website is trying to implement VAT ecommence algorithms that are used in the EU, but don't apply in the US as we have no VAT. Most, but not all US states have sales taxes. No VAT in USA. The website is not working correctly for the US and appears to be overcharging US customers.

    Thanks for your consideration. We want to purchase the products, but these issues need to fixed.

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