Steering wheel not detected

Goodmorning everyone,

I need your help..I have a steering wheel problem ( not detected )on raceroom PC version, I have recently purchased a csl v1.1 steering wheel base with f1 carbon steering wheel and csl pedal board.I have installed drivers and firmware as per your instruction and windows recognizes the device , but I cannot solve the problem.

For information everything works well with ASSETTO CORSA COMPETIZIONE.

I hope for your help.

Thank you


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    If after selecting " Detect Controllers" it doesn't show up the best thing is to create a new profile and map all your buttons (including steering left/right) in the "Edit Assignments" window.


  • I have my CSL pedals connected to my PC via USB and R3E doesn't see my pedals, only my CSL Elite v1.1 wheel base. Any way to remedy that?

    I tried editing assignments but it still shows the pedals as "missing" in red letters which just doesn't seem right.

  • I have the exact same issue with my V3 Clubsport pedals in Raceroom. They show up as missing. I love the sim. It seems like an old and outdated method of detecting hardware. My Fnatec wheel and pedals are separately connected via USB.  I wonder how Raceroom would treat the two devices if I were using the RJ45 connector on back of the wheelbase and connect the pedals directly to the wheelbase, instead of USB?

  • Did that work by connecting the pedals to the base?

  • So, how do I fix this?

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