Severe lack of customer support making me question my purchase.

A few days ago, I ordered the CSL Elite Starter Bundle. Immediately after the order I noticed the Wheel said for XBOX One, so I canceled the order, and then sent in a ticket to confirm the wheel itself was compatible for both the PS4 and XBOX. It is sitting on "needs clarification" for order status. I have yet to hear anything back, or even get confirmation my ticket was received. That very same bundle is now not even available on the site, so if I had to redo the bundle the price would be over $600 as opposed to the $478 when I ordered, which isn't happening. I cannot get a hold of ANYBODY to work through what should be a 30 second fix. All I want to do is confirm everything I purchased will work with my PS4, and have the order completed. There is no number to call, the live support feature is no where to be found. Is this what to expect for customer support from Fanatec?


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Ryan,

    The way our ecosystem works is that our PS4 licensed products contain a Sony security chip in the wheel base, and our Xbox licensed products contain a Microsoft security chip in the steering wheel.

    This means that you can use an Xbox licensed wheel with any Fanatec wheel base, and it will become compatible with the Xbox One.

    This includes wheel bases that are licensed for PS4.

    As a result, when you combine a CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 (Xbox One) and a CSL Elite Wheel Base + (PS4), this will work on both Xbox One AND PS4 (and PC as well of course).

    If you have cancelled your order, and the bundle is no longer visible, it may not be possible to re-enable this.

    However, the reason for the missing bundle may be due to a bug with the new webshop.

    This could also explain why it is taking some time for the webshop team to respond to your request (the live chat feature is also currently disabled).

    I apologise for the inconvenience.


    (Community Manager)

  • Thank you for responding and explaining how the wheels work, the description does not say this anywhere that I could find, and all of the pictures only show Xbox buttons. The order is currently under "clarification needed". I don't know if it's technically cancelled, I have been trying to get in touch with a representative to confirm the order.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Ryan, yes there are limitations on what can be stated on a product page for an Xbox One or PS4 licensed product. We have an ecosystem video that explains how it works:

    And I suggest playing with the new configurator to see how you can combine products together.

    Regarding your order status, I'll send you a PM.

  • Just wanted to update for anyone else having some issues with ordering and whatnot, once I was able to get in touch with support they finished my order last Thursday and it arrived here today already. Everything seems to be working great so far. Aside from being a little slow the customer support has been very helpful throughout the process.

  • Hi guys.

    Can you please help me get in touch with someone from costumer service or simply solve my problem?!

    I ordered the F1 podium wheel , v3 pedals, cockpit, brackets, killswitch , everything came via Fedex, minus the cockpit!!

    Not even in the fedex tracking, yet, on my profile page is showing it was shipped!!

  • You could try making a new thread and seeing if Dominic will help you get in touch with customer support.

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