Fanatec order concerns: please read before posting!

As you are no doubt aware, we have a new website.

The new site is not just a cosmetic makeover. It has been a huge project, and represents a major change to all of our internal webshop systems. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some issues relating to pricing and availability information. It has also caused delays to communication from the sales and support departments.

Please bear with us while we work through the issues and get back up to speed.

If you have placed orders within the last few days and have concerns about your order, please send an email to [email protected]. The sales team will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.


(Community Manager)


  • I have sent numerous emails as have Paypal and we have had no answer. Why is it taking so long to get an answer. I paid for my product on 5/11/19 and no one responds to my emails

  • I also contactet the support. I am not complaining (yet) about the time they take to answer since i wrote my mail on the 25/11/19 but it would be much apreciatet if i would at least get a confirmation, that the mail arrived and a aproximate how long i have to wait for an answer. Since Fanatec sells higher priced products, I feel the service needs to be up to par with it. This is my first time ever commenting in a forum, but I feel the need because of the many complains regarding the support and the lack of information, I as a customer get. Small changes to the way your support works could make a big difference. I would not feel the need to write a comment regarding my situation if I at least know that my mail arrived and will be answered within a certain amount of time.

    My problem: I bought the Podium F1 Wheel for 1599€ and payed via PayPal. The money is transfered but there is no open order in my profile because paypal didn´t redirect me to the Fanatec Shop and apperently didn´t create an order.

    Again! This is not a complaine because i understand it takes time to answer mails but maybe change some things up. If i wouldn´t love my V3 Pedals so much and only saw all the complains in the forum, I most likely wouldn´t buy here.

    I want to mention that last time all worked well and I recived my order within 3 days!

  • Dear Mr. Brennan or any Fanatec employe,

    a short information about the status of your support and the time it will take to receive an answer would be much appreciatet! I dont even know if my mail arrived because I didn´t get any confirmation mail, nore do i finde any informations regarding this (except complaints that you dont answere mails). I also called 3 times within 2 - 4pm... no success.

    It is a bad feeling that spoils the experience and joy of buying a new product completely... I saved a long time (like most customers) to treate myself with one of the most expensive things I ever bought, yet I feel not happy because of this experience.

    As I said. A short information about the processing time your support needs to get back to your customers would be appreciatet.


  • Update: I contacted the support via phone and a very nice lady helped to solve my problem.

    1. She told me that the support didn´t receiv my first mail. I checked my sent emails but i used the correct address "webshop@fanatec". So it seems like there is a technical problem with that mailadress(?). My second Mail via the support form was received however, so I suggest to anybody with the same problem to use the form (Support/FAQ).
    2. My problem regarding the order is also solved. Not in the best way but i cant really complain. They cant create an order manually so they refunde the money and now i ordered a second time (it worked!!!).
    3. I hope that my posts help customers in similar situations and maybe fanatec appreciates the insights of an average customer and finds a way to get a bit more efficient in theire support and community work.

    I would have had a much better week and experience if this would have been solved a bit more efficient and faster. I will have to consider if I will order here again, especially if new competetiv suppliers will enter the market.

    For now I´m just hyped for my new Podium F1 Wheel and hope it meets my expectations.

  • After tried the form, I contacted [email protected] ....will Fanatec answer me ?

  • I was told on the phone that they got lots of mails (black friday etc.) so it will take a few days i guess... but no exact answer how many days. I think it should work if you used the form because the mail I sent via the form did arrive. She also told me that you should get a confirmation mail that they recived your email but that didn´t happen for none of my two mails. Maybe Mr. Brennon can confirme if thats the case.

    Hope you get your answer fast but also be a bit patient with them... seems like theire support team could use some support.

  • Hi Nicolas. Thanks for your message. I did the form may be one week ago now.... I would like to order but i start to worry now...

    I am pretty new here. I understood they worked on their website and i can understand. However, i never spent that much for wheel and so, would be my first time ever. I need a contact exchange with them. and i hope they can understand

    (Also, I noticed that isn't easy to know whos from fanatec and not in this forum....

    title next the employees name , and nickname for users are two requests i do)

    currently, i only hope they'll reply my email (kristhel...] and that i could order...

  • As I said. The lady told me that you should get a confirmation mail when your mail arrives. I was lucky when I called them between 2-4pm (german time) but I had to try on two different days and i think on the 5th time I was lucky (around 2:15pm).

    I think it would be helpfull if we could get a statement regarding theire support and future plans to make it more efficient. The revenue loss which is caused by the "bad" support should be a good reason to improve and as an effected customer I would love to see a "roadmap" which shows that they get theire support on the same quality level as theire products.

    I think you should call them if you really sent the mails more than 4-5 days ago since double request within short time just make it harder for the support to work fast. But also apperently one of my Mails went missing... so maybe there is a bigger technical issue.

    Wish you luck and if you buy, much fun racing!

  • Btw FANATEC... Waiting for my salary as the new community manager and "quality-control-guy"

    "I am the captain now!"

  • How about someone at Fanatec getting off their asses and monitor these forums during business hours?

    How about another person at Fanatec getting off his/her ass and monitor emails during business hours?

    You obviously hired the wrong people to do your point of sales and website, but as a customer and over 36 hours of waiting for a response I could really care less.

    I’ve had products in my cart for over 36 hours, and some simple help from Fanatec could have had this solved in 60 seconds of someone’s time. But instead, all we are getting is silence and excuses.

  • Hey, I need some help. I ordered the CSL elite Pedals with the Loadcell on January 21st. No problem with that order, I recieved a confirmation the next day For that order on the 22nd. I then recieved something with the tracking number and confirmation that it was shipped. All good there and great.

    The problem comes in for January 31st. Around 1030pm I ordered the CSL elite wheel and base.

    This time when I went to pay through paypal after paying I was bounced back to the Fanatec website and an error may popped up as if the website didnt load up properly.

    I went back to my paypal and sure enough

    Endor LL America Was paid $516.15

    Ok that's great my whole intent was to purchase what I wanted but I have not received confirmation from fanatec and ths purchase is not under my orders on the website.

    This makes me nervous can anyone help me out with this. Has anyone experienced this with Fanatec before??

    Looks like other people have experienced this.

    Now I'm worried that they will have to refund me and I will have to repurchase my Csl elite.

    This is also my ffg first test buying a wheel from FANATEC.

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