Until someone tells me where is my order or my money is, I will not stop.


I've been 8 days without knowing anything about my order ... or tracking or anything.



  • Someone please grant him his wish.....please!!!

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    i would like it, but i have not answer, i dont know where is mi packet, if it is shipped, missing, is incredible.

    Instead of solving the issue, they will block me to shut up.

    They only say that sales department doesnt work on weekend, but from monday to friday?? i wrote a lot of emails asking for my order, and no answer......

  • Sir, I am going to say this as respectfully as I can since I don't know you or your situation.

    There is a certain way to handle things. The way you are going about it, in my opinion, is wrong. Does Fanatec have issues with their communication? Absolutely. But essentially stomping and screaming for the entire world to see is not going to solve your issue. You could have simply asked to PM one of the staff of the site to see if they could help and it could have been done in a quiet and sane manner. But you chose the route. One of yelling and screaming. Patience is a virtue my friend. And it doesn't matter if you spend 6 or 1600 euro, I'm sure Fanatec doesn't want an unhappy customer.

    When I said someone please grant him his wish, I meant please ban you. The rest of us don't need to continually see this sort of rant. I am sure Fanatec will get you squared away, and if not, will at least refund your money. Please relax and stop posted these rants against a company YOU chose to deal with.



  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    This is a sales enquiry and therefore not possible to answer at the weekend, as I have explained to Mario.

    @Mario Poley Lacaixa This is a final reminder that you are violating the forum rules with your duplicate posts and rude language. I am sorry that you have not yet received an update about your order status. It will be resolved as soon as possible.

  • I meant I wish someone would grant his wish and ban him.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    I would prefer not to do that, as I can understand Mario's frustration. Normally, he would have received an update by now, but unfortunately communication from the sales department has been delayed due to the new website changeover.

  • You see normal that Fanatec charged me 60€ for shipping for this???????

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    @keith Welch I am going to say this as respectfully as I can since I don't know you or your situation, and I don't even want to meet you.

    You tallk without knowing. Everything you say I should have done instead of opening threads around here, I've been trying for a week without the slightest response.

    Fanatec is laughing at me. I've been writing to support and customer service for a week and nobody answers me. As I am already desperate and my patience has run out, I have opted for this answer.

    And Mr. Brennan comes to tell me that the sales department doesn't work on weekends ............. and then why haven't they answered me since Monday? Do you think I'm stupid?

    I hope they do to Mr Welch the same thing they are doing to me.

    If I go with good manners, asking you all week and nobody answers me, what do you think I should do? let them treat me like that ??

    And it is not necessary for Fanatec to move me away, I am the one who does not want to know anything about this incompetent company (Mr. Brennan say "INCOMPETENT COMPANY" is not an insult, in case you want to use it to ban me).

    Mr. Brennan, I don't think anyone in FANATEC can answer a question like this, can anyone see where my order is? If it has been sent or if you have it in stock and continue laughing at me? (Mr. Brennan, this is not an insult either).

    Mr. Welch, please stop reading my messages, look the other way and hopefully tomorrow Fanatec will laugh at you as he is laughing at me.

    Keep it up so that Fanatec will lose customers little by little, except to Mr. Welch, who will accept everything.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    @Mario Poley Lacaixa

    I have looked at our system that logs the communication relating to your account. The first message I see asking for an order status update is from yesterday (8/11/2019). I see 18 messages sent yesterday and 9 sent today.

    I am not disputing your statement that you attempted to contact us on Monday, but I don't see these messages on the system, and it could be related to the website changeover (which was initiated on Monday). It is possible that your messages went through a different route (that I don't have access to), or they might have not reached us at all, which would explain why you haven't received a response yet.

    This doesn't necessarily mean that your order has been stalled. But the only department that can verify the status and provide tracking data is sales, so the earliest you will receive a reply to your messages is Monday.

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    Mr Brennan, i wrote asking information from Monday but i dont remember if wrote to supoort or [email protected]

    anyway, it is not normal paying 60€ for shipping and it spend more than 8 days to received it.

    i hope you refund me shipping costs because it would be a scam.

    i understand you can not do anymore, but This situation is desperate because i have not information. I dont know if it has shipped or no, ir near me or far,.....

  • Mr. Brennan, i decided wait until Monday like you told me. But i hope that tomorrow very morning the sales department will give me news or I will be forced to bother here again through the forum, something i would not like to have to do.

    I believe this has already gone too far and I can't stand half a day anymore.


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    I am pretty sure that this situation will resolve its self and you will be a Happy Customer...Unfortunately Fanatec made a Huge Move to a bigger Building and Updated their Web page and that's more than likely what's causing the Communication delays.

    I remember when I used My Podium DD2 wheel delay Voucher... When I placed My order for 2x sets of APM shifters the Total Amount was deducted from My Pay pal Acct without applying the $349.xx voucher... I Realized what Happened and sent a Email to customer service and they had Me a refund in the exact amount that was over charged within 48Hrs.... I'm saying this to let you know stuff happens and trust that it will all be worked out.... Its just Bad Timing Your Order, Fanatecs Move and also the Web shop page update.

    While I do understand your Frustration I think you are Venting about it Not in the best way due to all the Bad timing Factors that I mentioned. Real Life Real things Happen and some times all we can do is be patient and have understanding.

    Best Regards

  • Better communication required from Fanatec re "status"of order should be done for all. But patience is required by purchaser and yes I have had the same frustration and bad manners to Fanny but sometimes they need a kick up the butt to remind them that its customers that pay their "very low" wages

    btw: no need to ban anyone, if you don't like his posts then don't read them

  • Fanatec staff is writing me in the thread below that is hidden so that nobody can see it. So I continue here.

    To Mr Marcel Pfister:

    First, you write me in the thread below so that nobody sees it, you think i am stupid?, therefore, I continue the conversation in this thread that is more visible.

    Second, I will follow your rules when FANATEC follows them, tell me where my money is and my order.



  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    For me it is visible and it wasn't made invisible, just had to scroll down a bit more because there where other discussions in between. I don't want to trick you I just answered to one of your discussions, if you don't want that the comments are spread through different ones, don't create so many. As you've received a mail from our team now and they are working on it nothing I can help you more here. Wait for them to solve it and you will get the hardware you've ordered if you still want it, otherwise you can also get your money back. I know it is frustrating, I know it should have been solved better or already but seems because of transitioning to a new building and website the communication didn't went as it should. Apologies for that, hope you have more luck now.

  • Ok, so i have to wait someone who tells me that my order is late because transfers bank take more time when i payed by paypal?

    do you think i can trust her?

    i need a solution now and if the sales department does not solve today i will come to the forum to tell others customers how you work.

  • Mr Marcel i know that you are not in sales department, but.........

    ...........So difficult is it to see that the payment is made from 1st of November (see the image below) and to send the products? Because they are both in stock.

    I do not get it.

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    Sorry but i have not new news from sales department. I dont know what can i do more.

    It is a JOKE? is there a hidden camera recording?

    Dont you see the payment receipt???

    They are availables......................... the DD1 base is "READY TO SHIP TODAY"..................What is the problem???

    The wheel is available too........................

  • Fanatec is very fast solving customer problems. They are very fast to take the money and after 11 days, they dont know where is it.

    Where will be my money?

    one day more without answer.

    then CM will tell me i must respect the forum rules.....but they have the money and the products.

    who will have the 1625€? Hahahaha

    my patient is finished, in a few minutes i will be open a lot of threads....

    sorry for the CM, but in my job, if i would do a customer the same than Fanatec are doing me, i would be unemployed inmediately.

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